Testimonies from the Healing Service


On Sunday, Jan 21, the Bethesda Healing Ministry held our first Sunday night Healing Service.  This service replaces our former Saturday morning Walk-in Healing Prayer Clinic.  Our intention is to continue the monthly healing service—probably on the 3rd Sunday of each month.

Our first Sunday evening service was a truly sweet time.  Worship was awesome as Mark and Jenn Olszyk led us.  During one interval of spontaneous worship, which lasted for quite awhile, I was sure the angels must have been singing with us!  The Olszyks are likely to be leading us most months.  Our almost 20 prayer ministers were kept busy after worship praying for those who had come for healing. Several of the prayer recipients will need to see their doctors before they will know the results of prayer, but here are some of the testimonies we have received:

  • One lady had come with fear and anxiety around a medical diagnosis.  After prayer, she was driving home and suddenly felt lighter.  She tried to remember the thought she had previously and she couldn’t!  On Tuesday after prayer, she was still having no anxiety and felt secure again in God’s hands.
  • A woman came in with heart blockage.  She felt much better after prayer.
  • The pain in one woman’s knee was 50% better after prayer.
  • A man with chronic neck pain due to disk issues had increased flexibility and lightness after receiving prayer.
  • A woman with elbow pain felt warmth in her elbow during prayer and afterwards the pain was gone.
  • A woman with long-standing cancer felt relieved and inspired after prayer.

Often times, the results of healing prayer don’t show up until a few days later.  Or are realized gradually.  We look forward to continued testimonies of what the Lord did for his people on Sunday.

We invite all of you to attend our next Healing Service on Feb. 18 at 6:30 pm. 

Debbie McKinniss
Director, Bethesda Healing Ministry

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