Connecticut Prays


Connecticut Prays – A prayer initiative for the State of Connecticut  

One Church, One Day to cover CT in prayer throughout the month and year

Congratulations Wellspring!  Every time slot for Thursday March 1st has been filled. Wellspring will be covering Connecticut in prayer for 24 hours!  Praise God!

There are still openings for April and May and you can sign up in the cafe this Sunday (2/25).

Wellspring, as part of New England Prays, has committed to praying for the state of Connecticut on the first Thursday of each month in 2018. It is a once-a-month commitment to pray for our state and for Wellspring.  You can pray anywhere, with family members, friends, or alone.

Even if you didn’t sign up for a particular time slot,  you are still invited to pray focused prayers with us on Thursday March 1st. Here are the prayer points for Thursday March 1st:

Session started Wednesday, February 5, 2018. All 151 House seats, plus all 36 Senate seats, plus Governor and all other statewide “constitutional offices” (AG, Comptroller, etc), plus all five Congressmen are up for re-election in CT this year.  This is a precedent that rarely happens in our state.  There is a possibility of a major turnaround within just one election!

  • Pray that the Lord will raise up righteous men and women of God who will hear and answer the call to minister to our people through holding government offices both community-wide and statewide.
  • Pray the bills and ordinances will glorify the Lord and protect the people during this next session in our state government.

The assisted suicide bill proposal is up again for review to be passed.  This bill was defeated 3 years in a row (2013-2015).  Pray that it gets defeated again.

Pray there will be no more casinos introduced in our state.

There have been Christians faithfully prayer walking our state capitol building for over 10 years.  The team is now in the process of reorganizing.  Pray there will be a new enthusiasm and new members will join the team.


In Connecticut there are several Christian radio and news networks

  • Pray they will have a more powerful influence in our state
  • Pray for an increase of media outlets in our region.
  • Pray for the existing media outlets (WIHS Radio, K-Love, WFIF, etc.)



Please pray that/for:

  • Wellspring would continue to grow and understand how to be an epicenter of the vibrations of the Kingdom.  We would strategically pray and walk out this destiny.
  • The power of God would be released and the vibrations would flow from Wellspring to see healings, deliverances, salvations, and a habitation of His presence.
  • Protection for Wellspring and all its ministries and the members.
  • Divine guidance and inspirations for the pastors, elders, and intercessors to know what to do and how to pray.
  • Each Wellspringer would hear the voice of God and be obedient to His voice.
  • We would encounter the depths of God’s Presence and release the flow of God’s kingdom.
  • Wellspring would not only be a church, but a family of people connected relationally to the Father and each other.
  • Wellspring would release its members to be about kingdom business.
  • The blinders would come off of our eyes to know who we are in Christ and what He wants to accomplish in each of us.
  • Peace of the Lord Jesus Christ would reign in each of our homes. Release from bondages of alcohol, drug abuse, sexual promiscuity, loneliness, lies of the enemy and economic hardship.
  • We would experience the power of the Risen Christ and walk in that anointing each day.
  • We would encounter the Lord’s unconditional love and that His love would transforms us to be all He has called us to be.  We would fulfill our Kingdom purpose.

Thank you and God bless!

-Carol Saluk

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