Travel Report from Pastor Wes


Travel Report: Sowing into Ministry Friends and Partners

As you read this, Pam and I are in the midst of two weeks of ministry in Europe. Wellspring has both long-standing relationships and some brand new opportunities before us.  We are privileged to sow into these relationships and help prepare the way for some significant ministry. Here’s a look at our itinerary.


As Wellspring’s latest ministry team to Uganda is still unpacking from their recent trip, Pam and I head to England. What’s the connection? Pastor Arnold! We all know that he is Ugandan, and we work extensively with him there. However, you may not know that when he is not in Uganda he lives with his wife and family in Manchester, England. He has asked me to join him this weekend to help lead a retreat for 60 of his friends and leaders from around England. He has felt the Lord’s prompting to refocus some of his ministry efforts in England and this will be a first step of relationship building toward that end. Pam and I (and Wellspring) have a number of ministry friends in the Liverpool/Manchester area. We look forward to sowing into their lives and ministries over these next few days.


After preaching this Sunday morning at a church in Manchester, we will fly to Sicily. As I shared with the congregation two weeks ago, Wellspring will be hosting a Breath Of Heaven conference in Sicily the end of May. There is so much to share about this fast developing open door of ministry that we will need to share it with you in more detail when we get back. But for now I will say that we will be visiting Santo and Lella Calvo, who have been part of the Wellspring community for many years before recently returning to the property they inherited in Sicily. On this particular trip, Pam and I will be visiting with churches, local pastors, leaders, and other Americans who have moved to Sicily to minister there. We will be sowing into relational connections, as well as helping Santo and Lella coordinate many of the details for the event in May. The momentum (I believe the Lord’s spiritual wind) is increasing with every conversation. We are anticipating a very busy and productive prepatory trip. When we return we will be able to share with you not only details of the conference itself, but also how you can be part of this event, either as part of a ministry team that actually attends the event or by praying and coordinating efforts from Connecticut.

Pam and I are very grateful to serve Wellspring in this important dimension of building and maintaining relationships with other ministries. The Lord has shone his favor on these connections (such as the Uganda Bridge and Gateways in Cyprus) where all parties are not only blessed, but we believe the kingdom is advanced through the synergy that is created. It’s a big kingdom, and Wellspring needs to be a part of it. We thank you for your support and prayers. We’ll send some updates along the way, and we look forward to being back with our Wellspring family on Sunday, March 4th.



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