Travel Report from Pastor Wes – Part 2


Travel Report: Ministering to Friends in Manchester, UK

Sometimes we need to retreat before we advance.

Pastor Arnold, our dear friend and ministry partner, lives in Manchester, UK when he’s not in Uganda (or visiting us in the US!) For the past 12 years he’s focused his attention on developing the Kampala Children’s Centre. Now he’s felt led to focus on ministry in the UK. He began this past weekend with a small gathering of about 70 friends, pastors and ministry leaders for a retreat he called “Grace Encounter”, with the intent to sow into relationships and build partnerships for shared ministry going forward.

wes-uk-3I began the retreat on Friday by encouraging everyone to rest in and rely on the promises of the Lord and not become burdened by trying to make ministry happen by our own strength and our own best thinking. Many were refreshed and encouraged as the Lord ministered to them through the story of Abraham in Genesis 17, where we are introduced to God as El Shaddai, the all-sufficient one, fully capable of bringing forth his promises. Then on Saturday Sue Sinclair, a dear friend from Liverpool, and I continued to teach and minister to everyone from a theme of Kingdom flow and going deeper with the Lord. We were richly blessed to also have Herbert leading us in refreshing times of worship. Many of you remember Herbert, Pastor Arnold’s worship leader and Children’s choir leader from Uganda.

wes-ukPam and I were grateful to have the opportunity to reconnect with many friends, and privileged to help relaunch Pastor Arnold’s ministry in the UK. We also share greetings with Wellspring from many friends, some of you know from sharing ministry with them in Uganda, and some from visits to Wellspring with Arnold: Sue, Herbert, Jay and Sylvia, Rob and Sue, Phil and Jan, Jacque, and of course Arnold, Josie, Krystal, and Isaac.

wes-uk-2As I write this, Pam and I are in Sicily with Santo and Lella Calvo. There is wonderful momentum for Breath of Heaven – Sicily. And there is a lot of work ahead for them and us! Thanks for all your prayers and support. We will be home soon, and we look forward to seeing you on Sunday!



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