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wellspring-volunteer-dq2018-web-bannerHi Wellspring!  

My name is Ken Marzi and I am a volunteer here at Wellspring.  If you come to the 9 a.m. service, you’ll likely find me serving as an usher or a greeter, filling in at the Welcome desk, and serving the Lord as best I can.

I must confess I was not always this enthusiastic about serving. For way too many years I just attended service dutifully, worshipping and listening to the teaching, and then bolting. Building relationships was not my thing. I am still struggling with it but I have to confess that when I stepped out of the boat and started volunteering, relationships began to form and I couldn’t be more blessed!!

Are you a boat rider? Floating along with your life jacket on, covered in sun block, basking in the sun, and just along for the ride? Why not conquer the fear of stepping out of the boat first with prayer and then “just do it!”

One sure way to feel blessed after you take that “best step ever” is to prayerfully consider volunteering a little of your time on a Sunday morning to serve Jesus.  Trust Him.  Serving Him is unimaginably spirit filled, and even fun!! Relationships begin to form and you’ll wonder what took you so long!

Currently, because of the lack of volunteers, we are scheduling our current Sunday Morning Volunteer Teams once a month, sometimes twice a month.  We want to increase the number of volunteers so we could schedule them once every six weeks, or once every other month.  Increasing our number of volunteers would be a blessing to Wellspring and would help protect our current volunteers from burn out.

Please take a look at the volunteer positions below. We offer hands on training and will partner you with another volunteer until you feel comfortable working alone, or we’ll keep you partnered up if you so desire.  We are very accommodating. If you need to miss a scheduled time you are to serve, no problem.  We’ll get you coverage. If you only want to work a certain service time or a particular Sunday during the month, we can work it out. Just let us know when you sign up.

To get your feet wet, on any Sunday in March you can tag along with the current volunteers in any of the teams listed during any service to get an idea of what is entailed and if it suits you. Tag along on as many teams as you want. Just email me at if you’re interested.

After your trial tour, please pray about what field of volunteering you would be willing to serve Jesus.   We will be having a formal Volunteer Sign up after the 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. services on April 8, 2018. Any questions you still may have will be answered then.

We look forward to your becoming a part of our team as we strive to better serve Jesus and our brothers and sisters here at Wellspring.

Thank you and  God Bless!


Mathew 23:11- “The greatest among you will be your servant”


Greeters: Greeters stand outside the main doors before the service and greet people as they come in, saying something simple like “Good morning,  welcome to Wellspring.” Greeting is a wonderful way to meet new people and help everyone who enters the church doors feel like a valued member of the community. Greeters need to report to their doors 20 minutes before the service time and stay 15 minutes after the service starts before going into the sanctuary. Email if you are interested in serving as a greeter.

Welcome Center Volunteers: Those working at the Welcome Center have the special opportunity of welcoming new guests into the Wellspring family. When new guests stop by the Welcome Center before or after the service, collect their Welcome Card (or ask them to fill one out) and give them a gift. Anyone with questions usually comes to the Welcome Center, and if you’re not sure of the answer you can always check with a nearby usher. You’ll need to report to the Welcome Center 20 minutes before service time and stay 15 minutes after the service starts before going into the sanctuary. Email if you are interested in volunteering at the Welcome Center

Ushers: Before the service, ushers pass out bulletins at the sanctuary doors. During the offering, they stand at the front of the sanctuary and collect the offering. Once a month they also help with serving communion.  They are also available to help people find seating as necessary. Ushers report 20 minutes before service time to get instructions from the Lead Usher and stand at the sanctuary doors until 15 minutes after service starts, at which time they may help with offering or communion. Email if you are interested in serving as an usher.

Lead Ushers: Lead Ushers run the show, so to speak. They ensure bulletins are out before each service and placed at each inner door. They enter into the sanctuary before service to get instructions from the pastor and pray with the worship team before the service. They patrol all areas during the service and respond to emergencies, overseeing everything is going smoothly. During the service, they are in two-way radio communications with the Wellspring Kids classes and nursery in case the teachers or kids need any help. They are also responsible for ensuring the offering is collected and securely deposited in the church safe. Lead ushers must be on duty and diligent for the entire service. Email if you are interested in joining the lead usher team.

Wellspring Kids: It takes a large team to share the love of Jesus with our kids and keep them safe, and Wellspring Kids is looking for a variety of new volunteers. Teams are trained by experienced teachers and children’s ministry staff.  The work is as “simple” as running a check-in station, teaching an already-prepared lesson, and helping kids with activities and games, but through it all, lives are transformed. Our team of helpers serves on rotation once every 5 weeks,  and our team of teachers approximately 7 or 8 times per year. Please contact if you are excited about investing in Wellspring Kids.

Café Volunteers: Volunteers in the cafe make the coffee, set up the cups, creamer, sugar, etc, for coffee time after the Sunday services.  The coffee is premeasured to go into the coffee maker so it’s pretty much error free. Any leftover goodies from events earlier in the week can also be put out for the congregation to enjoy. Coffee needs to be ready by 10 am for the 9 am service, then immediately after the 9 am service more coffee can be made as needed for the 11 am service.  Thermal pots keep coffee hot for hours so the exact time windows can be flexible. Email if you are interested in volunteering in the cafe.

Security Team: Security Team volunteers station themselves inside the church at both of the outside doors.  They remain there for the entire service keeping watch over the outside property and reacting to any threatening situations that may arise. Training needs to be completed as a prerequisite and is provided free of charge. We will be meeting with the Berlin Police Department to set up training once we get a list of volunteers. Email if you are interested in volunteering for the Security Team.

Production Team: We have a team of volunteers who oversee our projection needs during the Sunday morning service, including projecting song lyrics and graphics, playing videos, and recording sermons   during service. If you are interested in learning more computer skills, this is a great opportunity.  We also have video and graphic design opportunities. No experience needed but certainly welcome. Contact our Media Manager Darrel at if you are interested in joining the Production Team.

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