Youth Fundraiser for The Hartford Project

Check out the video above to hear more details on the fundraiser!

On Sunday May 6th, immediately following the 11 am service, the Youth group will be hosting a fundraiser picnic at Wellspring to send students to The Hartford Project (THP).  May 6th is also the date of our covenant service. What a great opportunity for our youth to bless the whole church by hosting a picnic on the day of our covenant service as our church blesses our youth by helping them reach their fundraising goals!

Last summer at The Hartford Project (THP) there was a young man from another church in our work group. He apparently had gotten in some trouble and consequently was forced to attend church activities all summer long! This young man was not a follower of Jesus and at the beginning of the week had no interest in discovering who Jesus is. As the week went on things changed. On the last morning I had the privilege to share the Gospel and pray with this young man as he gave his life to Jesus. He was baptized in his church a few weeks later. For this young person and many others, THP has been a place of significant encounter with the living Jesus.

We believe that if we invite our non-Christian friends to THP, that they to will encounter Jesus and have the opportunity to surrender their lives to Him. Please pray for our students as they reach out to and invite their friends to join us on THP. It is our goal to bring four of our non-Christian friends with us to THP this year! We want to make it as easy as possible for these friends to join us and to that end we are working to fully fund their tuition for THP.

– Mike Mancini, Director of Youth Ministries

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