Wellspring Softball Team

Men of Wellspring ages 18 and over are invited to join one another for fellowship on the sports field! We are excited about bringing out that competitive spirit and male bonding experienced through team sports. This summer we will organize some pickup games and set up a few friendly competitions against other local area churches. This will be semi-competitive to boost your testosterone, but grace filled for you couch potatoes who need a little encouragement to step out and have some fun.

There is a sports league in the infancy of formation and we want to get involved right from the start. There are no details to provide at this time regarding where and when we will be playing, but we need a roster of men who are at least interested in knowing more about it. If you have a friend, co-worker, or family member that would like to play, we encourage you to have them reach out to us. Looking long-term, we would like to set up flag football in the fall, and maybe some floor hockey in the winter.

See Gary Germaine or Jay St.Jean.  Their contact information is:  gary_germaine@yahoo.com  &  jaystjean@yahoo.com

Play Ball!

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