A Note from Pastor Wes: Breath of Heaven – Sicily



We are taking Breath of Heaven on the road, and overseas, all the way to Sicily!

Many of you are familiar with our Breath of Heaven event held here at Wellspring every fall.  On May 30th – June 2nd we will be hosting the next Breath of Heaven, but instead of it being right here, it will be held in Sicily. We have shared with you how Santo and Lella Calvo (part of the Wellspring family) have inherited resort property in Sicily. Their desire is to use the property for the kingdom, even opening a House of Prayer.

As an initial event, we are bringing Breath of Heaven to their property and their island. Many of the same speakers and leaders who have blessed us here will now join me in ministering here. And a team of 14 Wellspringers, and Pam and I, are traveling there, investing ourselves in the Calvo’s vision and serving the local body of Christ. We are all excited and stirred to be part of this pioneering event.

The Wellspring Team
Audrey Albert, Bob Bezz, Cyndy Bezz, Libby Bezz, Joan Calvo, Dick Calvo, Cindy DiMauro, Kim Fienemann, Cheryl Gardner, Paul Hansen, Vanessa McKinniss, Stacy Propfe, Dana Smith, Bob Vujs, Pam Zinn and Wesley Zinn

The Trip
The Wellspring team will be leaving in a week. Their “work” will be different than many ministry trips. And it is not a vacation to Sicily (although they will enjoy a few great sites, food, and some intense Mediterranean sun!) The team is going to help ready the property through hands-on work, and ready the spiritual atmosphere through prayer and worship. During the event, they will continue to serve the attendees with helping hands and with altar ministry and prayer. An important dimension is that we will continue to staff and maintain a worship and prayer room throughout the whole week.

Breath of Heaven – Sicily Fund
An event like this carries significant cost. When we host Breath of Heaven here at Wellspring, our costs are covered by offerings taken at the event itself. We will take offerings in Sicily as well, but the expenses are significantly more, especially for this initial trailblazing event. Therefore, Wellspring has set up a fund to help cover these costs. This is outside our normal budget, but is available to anyone who wants to contribute to this effort. You may not be able to go on the trip, but you can still share in blessing the people of Sicily and the Calvo’s vision.

You can give a gift through any of Wellspring’s giving platforms. If you want to give online or with our WellspringCT mobile app, simply select Breath of Heaven-Sicily. Or you may designate Sicily with one of our giving envelopes in the sanctuary seats or on your check. We thank you in advance for any support you feel led to give.

Prayer Points
-Please join us in prayer for the attendees. Pray that the invitations will get out to the local churches and people will be drawn to this event. Pray that they will receive from the hand of the Lord and the ministry team.
-Please pray for our team and all the logistics and details associated with travel. Pray for their helping hands ministry and prayer ministry to be full of life and blessing.
-Please pray for the Calvo family and all the efforts and sacrifices they are making to host this event.
-Please pray that the Lord will use this event to ready the spiritual atmosphere and ready the local church body for a move of God in the region and throughout the island. He is a big God, with a big heart for this big Island!
-Please pray for the full financial provision to be received, that all expenses will be covered and our invited ministry guests will be blessed as well.

In His service,

Pastor Wes

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