Exciting Update for the Guatemala Trip!

Exciting news from Guatemala, and we haven’t even left yet!!

felipe-4A couple of Sundays ago I spoke about how our team is going to build a house, enviro-oven, outdoor cooking area and a chicken coop for the Alverez family. Well it seems like God has another plan in mind. The construction manager for Hope of Life went to start the build at the Alverez family home, and low and behold there was already a home built for them! What?!? Yes, that was also his response! It seems that the family had put themselves on a list for a home with both Hope of Life and another local organization. With some misunderstanding the family thought when the other organization showed up that it was Hope of Life building the home, instead it was a different organization. This is actually an answer to prayer as this is a local organization comprised of local churches and businesses that build these homes with no outside aid. Just Guatemalans helping Guatemalans!

felipe-3So where does that leave us, Wellspring? Well, let me introduce the Felipe family — a mom and her two young sons. As you can see in the pictures they currently live in a plastic and stick one-room-home. What I find amazing is how very neat and clean she keeps her home. She lives in a plastic bag that she keeps like a palace, and now we are about to deliver the home of her dreams. Please keep the family and our team in prayer. God recently put this on my heart: “You haven’t even set your feet on the ground little girl, wait until you see what I am going to do!” I can’t wait to tell you!! Te veo pronto!!!    – Val Vujs

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