Worship as One… At 10 AM


One thing we regularly hear around Wellspring during the summer is something like this: “It is so great to have everyone together in one service. I get to see people I ordinarily wouldn’t see, and the energy in the room is really great!”  We agree. There is really something significant in worshiping as one gathered congregation.

The staff began to chew on this, and we all took some time to seek the Lord for his direction about our Sunday morning schedule beyond the summer.  We all had a clear sense of peace, and even excitement and anticipation for the fall to continue with one service at 10:00 AM.  We feel this is something that the Lord is leading us to do in moving forward.

For our Children’s Ministry, we have sufficient volunteers to maintain the excellence we desire in our program.  By uniting two services of volunteers into one service this will stretch out the rotation of times serving (but we can always have more volunteers to help serve our kids).  Classes for Wellspring Kids will resume on September 9th.

Our desire is to continue in the unity and energy of worshiping as one body.  So for now, Sunday morning worship at Wellspring will continue at 10:00 AM while we are able to do so.

We have been experiencing a heightened sense of the Lord’s presence on Sunday mornings and the Wednesday evening gatherings have been great. So let me encourage you not to miss out on what the Lord is doing in our midst. See you in church … at 10 AM!

Pastor Rick

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