Matt and Serah Rudolph: Wellspring’s Missionaries in Residence

Missionaries In Residence
The Rudolph family is setting up home next to the church (at “The Meeting Place” church parsonage) and they will be Wellspring’s Missionaries In Residence for the next year! We extend our warmest welcome to Matthew, Serah, their kids Levy (10) and Noa (8), and Serah’s mother Christine. May the Lord bless our growing friendship and ministry partnership.

Matthew and Serah Rudolph are the directors of Gateways Beyond International (GBI), a ministry that Wellspring supports in our missions budget. Matt and Serah have been living in Cyprus for 18 years, leading the local GBI base there and overseeing a network of missional communities around the world. This is the ministry where a number of our young adults have attended the Gateways Training School.

Recently, the Rudolph’s have turned over the Cyprus base leadership to others, and have felt led by the Lord to relocate to New England. They will continue in their role as directors of GBI from here, while at the same time establishing themselves as partners with the regional church in New England. Their desire is to position themselves for what the Lord has for them in this next season.

To assist them in their transition, Wellspring offered them use of our parsonage for this summer while they have been seeking the Lord’s direction and searching for a location and home for their family. They have a number of ministry and relational connections throughout New England and they have been visiting all of them. However, through this search process with the Lord, they increasingly feel drawn to the Connecticut River valley, Hartford County, and the Wellspring community. In addition to attending Wellspring, Matthew has been meeting with the pastors where we have been sharing our visions and passions, and encouraging one another. The Rudolph’s have also received a warm embrace from many friends in the Wellspring family.

Missionaries in Residence
Through prayer, the Lord’s prompting, and conversation, we have arranged for the Rudolph’s to be Missionaries in Residence at Wellspring for the next year. They will continue to live in the church parsonage, providing them a home and a base to work from as they continue to seek the Lord for direction for them here in New England. And for Wellspring, as the Rudolph’s become established, they will be a resource to us in many ways.

Wellspring and the Rudolph’s will partner together in our mutual callings to the church of New England and in pursuing a move of God in the region. Some examples already happening are assisting Wellspring and Impact Connecticut with the 10 Days of Prayer, joining the Restore and Revive event, working with the Zinn’s and the GBI Cyprus students to facilitate the New England Encounter initiative, and more.

The Rudolph’s will serve as a resource to Wellspring. They bring a spiritual vitality, a unique anointing, and they are a resource for education and impartation. Their desire is to serve the body in any way they can.  With this arrangement and with Wellspring’s central role in the regional church, we will be able to help establish the Rudolph’s into their unique calling to New England and partnership for the Kingdom.

The Rudolph’s will be an active part of the Wellspring community. They are not joining the staff nor will they carry any specific role or responsibility. They will be a “missionaries in residence” resource to Wellspring, while we will be community and family for them.

We invite you to extend a warm welcome to the Matt, Serah, Levy, Noa and Serah’s mother Christine. We are eager to see what the Lord has in store for all of us.

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