Nehemiah Sermon Series and Small Group Study

God is a big God, He has a big heart and has big plans. The most amazing thing is that it’s always been His heart to use us, ordinary people, to accomplish those plans.
That sounds impossible! However, He is the God of the impossible! The Bible is the history of a miraculous God doing impossible things through His people.  The problem is that we often run from the impossible when God calls us to run toward the impossible. That’s where the truly miraculous power of God shows up in our lives.
This fall we are going to spend 6 weeks looking at the book of Nehemiah to learn some principles of what it looks like when God uses people and groups as we run with Him toward the impossible.  Please join us starting September 16th as we launch this new series.  Many of our Small Groups will be looking at a study guide prepared Pastor Rick.  Click here if you would like to join a Small Group that is studying Nehemiah.
May God do the impossible again!  Jesus responded, “What appears humanly impossible is more than possible with God. . .” Luke 18:27a

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