Breath of Heaven Testimony

 Breath of Heaven Begins Tonight at 7pm (Thurs., Oct. 11th).

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The first year that Wellspring hosted the Breath of Heaven camp meetings I was intrigued. What was all of this about – a fresh breath from heaven?  I didn’t know so I decided that I would check it out. I don’t recall how many of the sessions I attended that first year, but I was quickly hooked! If you have been around Wellspring for any length of time you have probably experienced when the Holy Spirit manifests in a powerful way. I don’t know how to describe it really, but the camp meetings are a special time when it seems as if the Holy Spirit just broods over Wellspring for days at a time. It isn’t really the specific people who come, although they are all amazing servants of the LORD; it is something more.

Something happens when a bunch of hungry believers come together with the sole desire to worship and meet with the LORD in any way that He desires to reveal Himself. We come together for Him, to welcome and honor Him and to invite Him to have His way. The altar of praise is built, the fire burns and things happen. Hearts are awakened. Prophetic words are spoken. Lives are touched. God undeniably shows up.

After that first year I began completely clearing my schedule every time the camp meeting dates were announced. I didn’t want to miss a single opportunity to experience what God would be doing in our midst. It didn’t matter if I wasn’t the one receiving a powerful prophetic word or being prayed for by long-time prayer warriors. It was, and is, simply being there, experiencing the changing atmosphere that breathes life to the depths of my very soul.

Every year the camp meetings consist of rich experiences of deep, heart-led worship, Holy Spirit-led messages and revelations, and wonderful times of fellowship, testimony and just soaking in His presence. The meetings are not ‘spectator’ events, but ones where each attendee and his or her offering of worship become part of the fabric of the tent that is being raised in praise and adoration of our LORD. Each year I have been blessed to receive considerably more than I bring! The Breath of Heaven camp meetings really do usher in a fresh breath from heaven–come expectant and you won’t be disappointed!

Cyndy Bezz

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