Christmas Collections for Hospital for Special Care 2018

Hello Wellspring,


We are asking for your prayers and help with an event we began doing as a family on Christmas Day. We started delivering care packages to Pediatric floor of Hospital for Special Care in New Britain in 2005. The care packages include items for the children such as toys, books, and everyday items like socks, eating utensils, and fleece blankets. We are also trying to include items for their parents and siblings like gift cards or playing cards to pass the time. This year, policies have changed so we deliver all the gifts the week before Christmas and are not allowed to go onto the pediatric floor.
Now, we would love to take credit for this great and noble thing that we are doing, but we can’t. The idea came from my youngest daughter Rebekah. She was 6 at the time when she asked, “Christmas is about Jesus’ birthday, right?” We said yes, then she said, “So why do we get gifts…that doesn’t make any sense, we should give to Jesus.” We just looked at each other in wonder and said, “you’re right.” Now picture our other 4 kids, who were present at the time, telling her to be quiet because she didn’t know what she had just done. I think they were a little worried that they would not be getting any more presents for Christmas. So that’s how it started. It’s amazing how a little child can open your eyes to what is really important and where God’s heart is.
For people who do not know us, our youngest child Dylan, who went to heaven in 2013, had multiple special needs so we know what it is like to be stuck in a hospital for long periods of time. We decided that this could be one way we could help other children like Dylan. We chose the children at the Hospital for Special Care because many can’t go home for Christmas; some may not have family and we wanted them to feel the love of Christ. We can tell you that God has blessed our family and we have been able to enjoy and learn from Dylan being at home, but not every family has had that opportunity with their own child.
Below is a list of items that we are looking to give to the children. We have listed their gender and ages so, as you feel led, you can pray for these children as well. There is a large wrapped container in the loft where the new and unwrapped gifts can be left. We cannot accept any used items or stuffed animals for health and sanitation reasons.

If you would like to make a cash/check donation instead, you can give it to the Wellspring office or hand it to any Knapp family member. Please make checks out to Chris Knapp with “Christmas Day” in the memo line. We will be accepting items up to Wednesday, December 19th.

God Bless you all and thank you,
In the Spirit,
Chris, Laura, Valerie, CJ, Kyle, Rebekah & Dylan Knapp

List of Items to Give

1: 5 week
1: 8 month
4: 1 year
3: 2 year
2: 3 year
1: 5 year (not typical, cause and effect toy or book)
1: 12 year
1: 16 year (not typical, cause and effect toy or book)

1: 8 month
3: 1 year
2: 2 year
2: 3 year
1: 6 year (not typical, cause and effect toy or book)
1: 7 year (not typical, cause and effect toy or book)
1: 11 year (not girly)
1: 13 year (not typical, cause and effect toy or book)

Tube socks all ages, infant and toddler socks (grippers are great)
Cause & effect name brand toys: Fisher Price, Leap Frog, Playskool, Vtech, Baby Einstein
Infant toys
Children’s sound board books
Disney or Pixar DVD’s
NO stuffed animals (unless animated, the children who benefit from them have private rooms)
NO religious books/items
Gift Cards to Target, Walmart, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Kohls (for any new patients who are admitted)

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