Blessing a Family in Need for Christmas

Wellspring has an opportunity to bless a wonderful family in need this Christmas. Just recently God has highlighted a family to us, and we are asking your help to make their Christmas truly special. Several years ago this couple took in four of their nieces and nephews to remove them from an abusive situation. About a year and a half into that process the foster father was in a terrible car accident that had him in ICU for 3 months and rehabilitation for almost 2 years. Unable to work, their home went into foreclosure and they are now in search of housing, and they are not able to buy Christmas gifts for these children. As the mom expressed to us “We need a Christmas miracle for this year. I told the children that we still have hope because God can step in, even in the last moment, to make things happen.”

Please search your heart and ask if God is asking you to step in, even in these last moments before Christmas.  Val Vujs will be at a table in the café this Sunday, December 16th to answer any questions you have or for more information. All gift donations will need to be dropped off by Sunday, December 23rd at the table in the café for delivery to the family.  Below you will find a list for each child with gift suggestions.  You can also donate towards the purchase of the gifts needed if you are unable to shop. Mom asks that you label your gifts to the children with their name and from Santa as two of the children still believe, this way it will not be her handwriting.

Thank you!

Val Vujs

All children-Things for putting in their stockings such a candy, games or cards

Caryse (Reese, yes like the candy) 11– Slime, Elmers glue to make slime, Squishys, LOL surprise, Sweat pants womens size large (blue is her favorite color), gift cards to Eblens or Walmart

Christopher 12– Playstation 3 games, Minecraft, Avengers, Sweatpants men’s size 44 waist (Xlg/XXlg), mens shoe size 10, gift cards for Gamestop or Eblens

Anna-Asia (Anna or Asia) 14 although she is emotionally like a 10 year old child- She is a girly-girl, body spray- fruity smells, jeans size 11-13, twin size Paw Patrol sheets, Pink brand clothing or gift card to Pink

Anthony 15– Gift cards such as Walmart, GameStop or Visa gift card so he can use it anywhere

Family- Gift cards for Walmart or local grocery stores to help with basic needs and food.


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