Donna’s Testimony: The Gift of Forgiveness for my Dad

Testimony from Donna Mark:

The Gift of Forgiveness for my dad:

My dad passed away on Christmas Day two years ago. I’m so grateful and amazed at what transpired two months prior to him passing.

Many years ago, as a new believer, I had released forgiveness to my father only to harden my heart towards him a couple of years later because of one phone call. One unsupportive phone call from my dad came at a very vulnerable time in my life. What was unleashed into my heart was bitterness and disappointment which hardened my heart toward my dad once more.

As a believer, I would say the words ” I forgive him,” but I was always plagued with negative thoughts of my dad. Two months prior to him passing away, I was crying out in prayer, declaring forgiveness for my dad and asking God to help me see him as He sees him. I didn’t want to feel the aggravation I had been feeling anymore. I kept sensing the Holy Spirit prompting me to call him and invite him for Thanksgiving. I was very hesitant in calling my dad because it would usually take me a whole week to get over the emotional angst from calling him. When I finally listened and called him, he wasn’t well. I was able to pray for him and invite him for Thanksgiving dinner. He was so touched and thankful that I had invited him, and as soon as I hung up the phone, I felt something had left. I knew I was free. I was never able to do it on my own, but the act of my will to forgive him was there to tap into the Lord’s power to forgive and when I hung up the phone those negative emotions left too!

He was never able to come Thanksgiving dinner, due to his poor health. When he was rushed to the hospital a few days before he died I went to visit him. Upon my arrival he asked for my forgiveness. I told him, “who am I not to forgive you? Jesus forgave me, so I forgive you”. He was led to the Lord that night and passed away on Christmas Day.

This Christmas will be a special day for me and not a sad time, because Jesus has given me the best gift of all: freedom. And I know that my earthly father is now with my Heavenly Father!

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