Evelyn’s Testimony of Healing

Testimony from Evelyn Miller:

I had severe chronic low back pain for over 6 years.  The pain was so bad that I couldn’t do anything.  I couldn’t stand for very long and I couldn’t walk very far.  I couldn’t do any of the things I could do before.  I was on opioids and all types of pain medications.  I got off the opioids by myself.  I came to a Healing Service at Wellspring and had prayer for my back.  I walked into the Church using a cane.  I walked out of the Church without my cane.  The pain was completely gone.  Now I can do all the things that I could not do before.
Recently I was diagnosed with carpel tunnel syndrome and arthritis in my thumb.  My fingers were totally numb.  I had prayer for this condition by 3 different people 4 times at Wellspring.  Now the numbness and the arthritis are totally gone.  God healed me and He can heal you, too.
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