Testimonies of Healing from our Monthly Worship & Healing Service


Be encouraged by the following testimonies, and believe for your own healing!

Here’s a healing testimony from Healing service of 10/21/2018.

From Dan:
He had a genetic loss of hearing condition. Also tension in his back. After prayer, he had immediate improvement in his hearing. Relief of stress, tension and pain in his shoulders and back was improved immediately.

From Roberta:  Healing service of 11/ 18/18

She came in with pain in her neck and knee. With prayer she had more peace and more joy was released. After prayer, she felt a shift in her body posture. Pain subsided in her knee and she had an extra healing in her hip area.

From Stephen:  Healing service of 11/18/18

He came in with pain in his knees. After prayer he had no pain, more peace like a weight had lifted off.

From Linda:  Healing service of 12/16/18

She had jaw pain and locking/restricted movement into ear and neck. She had received prayer the month before for this and jaw released afterward for 2 days. She came back to pray for more. After prayer again, she felt 50% less pain in her ear and more peace and relaxation of muscles in the area.

From Dawn:  Healing service of 12/16/18

She had had low back and hip and mid back pain with spasms.

The healing began that morning in the service in which people came to the altar for healing prayer, after Evie’s testimony was read and there was prayer at the altar. Praise God, her pain was decreased by 80% and she had only one spasm during the day–after having many per day before that. That Sunday night, after prayer, she felt the release from pain in her low back and release in hip of pain and tightness (about 40% release.)

From Lella:  This happened a few years ago. She had back pain. She got prayed for in Kansas City IHOPKC every day for a week. After a few months her back was healed.

From Vanessa:  During the healing time at the altar in the morning, the Lord told her to stop running from the pain and hurt. She felt loved by her Creator after prayer.

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