How to Check for Wellspring Cancellations

It’s that time of year when we bundle up in layers upon layers to keep warm when the snow comes. You either love it… or you don’t.  For many of us, snow speaks of fun outdoor activities and winter sports but for the rest of us it speaks of endless shoveling and a cold stretch that won’t break until April.

Here at Wellspring, we take the possibility of snow one day at a time. When we hear about potential storms, we wait and watch to see what actually happens. As New Englanders, we know that the weather is likely to change 5 times before Sunday.

For those of you who like to plan ahead and know how you can learn if there are ever any adjustments to our activities schedule due to weather, here is the official word on how we will announce information.  Stay safe & stay warm!

You can find out if Wellspring Services and/or Events are cancelled

by checking the following places:

Wellspring’s Website:

Wellspring’s Facebook page:

Wellspring’s Mobile App: To download the app, search WellspringCT in your app store or text wellspringctapp to 77977. (CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO ON OUR MOBILE APP)  We also have a NOTIFICATIONS OPTION on the Wellspring mobile app that will alert you to any changes or cancellations to Wellspring events or services.

Look for cancellations on TV: Channels ABC, CBS & NBC

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