Audrey’s Testimony of Healing

Join us this Sunday night, Feb 17th, for our Worship & Healing Service at 6:30pm as we will be praying for physical healing.

Here are Audrey’s MANY Testimonies of Healing:

My name is Audrey Albert. I want to thank Jesus before I give my testimony. He has opened my heart to greater dreams than I could ever imagine before. In 2018, my life changed all for the better!!!

I was an usher at the Wednesday night service of the Randy Clark conference.  When they spoke about healing for knees, I said, “Yup, that’s me.”  I had four operations on my right knee, but nothing ever worked. TJ Bialek previously had prayed for me twice and my leg “grew out” in Jesus’ name! As Randy spoke, my knee became like fire. Knowing it was being healed, I started to dance, then I went to my knees to thank Jesus. I am healed!
Then came Thursday night of the conference… I was still overwhelmed by my knee being healed, and my heart felt that there was more to come.  Bingo…sciatica was mentioned in the words of knowledge.  I was healed of that too!  Heat ran down my back to my now-healed knee. As the service went on, my chronic pain was being healed along with the curvature of the spine. It felt like someone was stirring a pot.

I now can’t explain the way I am feeling. Jesus saved me so many times. Now my body is healed!

I then told Pastor Rick about everything that happened to me.  I lost my sense of smell previously when I had a head aneurysm. I told him about that, but said I did not want to be greedy. He prayed for me and God returned my sense of smell! Wow!

I am overjoyed!  Thank You, Jesus!

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