30 Day Prayer Experiment for the Month of April

Greetings Wellspring Family,

I am taking this step to write to all of you about an important upcoming initiative that the Lord has been speaking about to me.  I believe this is an invitation that He is extending to all of us to enter into a 30 day prayer “experiment” for the month of April with one another and with Him.

A couple of months ago I was in a time of listening and seeking prayer.  I heard the Lord whisper two words to me, “Pittsburgh Experiment.”  I recognized the phrase, but needed to do some research in order to try and discern what the Lord was saying to me in those two words.

I relate more of that narrative in THIS ATTACHMENT (click here).

In short, after meditating upon this and sharing my thoughts with Pastors Kevin and Wes, we are calling the Wellspring family to 30 days of prayer and seeking the Lord during this upcoming month of April.  We believe this is an important action step in obeying Jesus’ word to us in 2019 to “seek first the Kingdom of God.”

There are three circles of prayer we are asking each of you to be part of during the month of April:

  1. The first is your own personal sphere of seeking the Lord.
  2. Secondly, we are encouraging as many of you who can to connect with one or two prayer partners. This expands your circle of agreement regarding the prayer requests you are bringing before the Lord during this month of prayer.
  3. Then, we are inviting the entire congregation to gather for times of prayer each Wednesday evening in April, beginning at 7:00 PM.

    These gatherings will include times of worship and then some times of listening prayer and seasons of corporate intercession.   We believe that the Lord is inviting us as a church body to seek Him for clarity of direction for our life and mission together.

There are some specific prayers that we are asking every one of you to take before the Lord each of these thirty days.

These prayers are detailed and spelled out in THIS ATTACHED PRAYER GUIDE (click here) for this 30 Day Prayer Experiment.

By the way, we are employing an old definition of the word, experiment:  “a process of gaining knowledge by way of action and experience, as distinct from theory.”  In other words, the Lord is inviting us to encounter the Kingdom by seeking it through prayer.

I want to urge you to take this invitation from the Lord seriously.  He is encouraging us to discover His presence and His Kingdom activity in our lives by seeking Him through this month of April.  Please begin to think of who you might secure for a prayer partner—your spouse, a sibling, a friend, someone in your small group.  It is easy enough to connect every day with a prayer partner these days through the technology of phone or text—or maybe even the old fashioned way of face to face.

Finally, I want to say that this invitation from the Lord feels very similar to times past when He has called our congregation to seek Him and His Kingdom through similar prayer initiatives.  Some very significant things have come out of those times of seeking the Lord—new ministry directives, confirmation of old ones, even a new building.  It is time to seek Him and His Kingdom again—in unity, expectancy and faith!


Pastor Rick, along with Pastor Kevin and Pastor Wes

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