A Note from Pam Zinn

Dear Congregation,

I want to share with you some news that I shared with the pastors, staff and elders a few weeks ago.

Over the last 4 – 5 months, a unique opportunity has opened up to pursue a lifelong dream of mine to own my own business. Specifically, in spending time and talking with Serah Rudolph over the past few months, we realized that we shared a common dream to open a coffee shop. As we have talked, dreamed and prayed, we feel confirmed from the Lord to take the real step to become business partners and to open a coffee shop in the Kensington, Berlin area.

For my part, back in 2001, I seriously pursued opening a coffee shop at that time. My heart and desire was to have a place in the community where the presence of the Lord dwelled and that people would notice something different when they stepped through the doors. It wouldn’t be an outwardly Christian shop or business, but nonetheless would be bathed in prayer and worship to attract the Lord’s presence. Peace, calm, love and comfort of the Holy Spirit would greet everyone who came through the doors. Plus, people naturally gather around coffee!

Although I was seriously pursuing this vision back in 2001, I clearly heard the Lord ask me to lay down the business. This was not an easy thing to hear,but I obeyed and I have seen the hand of the Lord work in my life in incredible ways since that time.

Through the years, I had not been pining away for the business or waiting for the time to pick it back up. So, these past few months have been quite a surprise to me, and I sense the delight of the Lord to grant me a desire of my heart in the right timing!

We have the goal to open our coffee shop, Provision State Coffee, in the Fall of 2019. Our name comes out of Connecticut’s rich history and also speaks to the banner of living under God as our provider. George Washington dubbed Connecticut the “Provision State” during the Revolutionary War as Connecticut provided more food and cannons for Washington’s army than any other state. We want to tap into the rich history of our state of Connecticut and celebrate its present goodness by using as many locally sourced items as possible.

Naturally, we are busy putting together our business plans and searching for the right location. I am planning to work at the coffee shop full time. So, I will be leaving my position as Administrator as soon as it is possible to make a healthy transition of my responsibilities and support to the staff. I have been blessed and privileged to serve the congregation, pastors, staff and elders over these past 8 years as Administrator. I will miss the staff everyday! (STAFF NOTE: We will miss you everyday too, Pam!!!)

Of course, I will still be very active at Wellspring as a lay leader and member of the congregation. And I very much look forward to visiting with many of you at our future spot in the Berlin community! My heart will always be for Wellspring and the community.

I would be glad to talk to any of you more about these things in the days to come. Feel free to email me at pam@wellspring.net or call me at the church office.

Love and Blessings,

Pam Zinn

A Note from Pastor Kevin:

We are so thankful for the years of ongoing service that Pam has provided to Wellspring. She has been instrumental in the work that Jesus has done here in a variety of ways. She has been faithful in using her skills and strengths to grow the ministry here in her role as Administrator and we will miss her as part of our team. We are grateful that Pam will still be a part of our church community and serve in new ways as the Lord leads. We are excited about this next chapter for Pam and what this will mean for the town of Berlin. I know that I will be a frequent customer and a wholehearted supporter of this new venture. This is a Kingdom project and I pray that God’s Kingdom will advance through Provision State Coffee.

We are currently assessing our needs, and are seeking how best to move forward. We will never be able to replace Pam and what she brings to the table. Please pray for clarity, wisdom and direction as we seek the best ways to move forward with the areas Pam is responsible for and our current needs.

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