Passion Week

This Sunday marks the beginning of Passion Week. So much of the Gospels detail the events of this final week of Jesus’ life leading up to his resurrection. They begin this Sunday, known as Palm Sunday, with the triumphal entry. Much of Jesus’s teachings in the temple, challenging the Pharisees, and appealing to his disciples happens in these few short days. He gives the disciples (and us) the sacrament of communion at the Passover feast. He washes their feet, instructs them about receiving the Holy Spirit, and urges them to hold to their belief that he is the Messiah.

Then, looking squarely at the cross, Jesus sets his resolve on defeating sin and Satan. Through his own death and ultimately through his resurrection we are restored. Clothed in his righteousness we are adopted into the family of our Heavenly Father. The victory that cost him his life was the joy set before him.

Passion Week is the Passion of Christ, the deepest, richest passion ever expressed, the greatest sacrifice, and the greatest reward. We encourage all of us to reflect on the events of this coming week. Ask the Lord for fresh perspective and revelation.

Join us for our Passion Week services as we reflect upon and celebrate these events together.
Palm Sunday – April 14th at 10am
Kid’s Eggstra-Ordinary Fun Day – April 14th, Immediately Following the Service
Seder Dinner – Friday, April 19th at 6:00pm, Tickets are SOLD OUT
Resurrection Sunday – Sunday, April 21 at 10am

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