Celebrate Mount Pleasant – Saturday, June 8, 2019


The city of New Britain has been a local mission field for Wellspring since we were established as a church in 1883, at that time residing in the city itself.  This has taken many expressions over 136 year history. Currently we have adopted Mount Pleasant as a particular neighborhood where we can help, bless, and serve the families. For over 10 years we have been providing a sidewalk Sunday school program on Wednesday nights. At times we have run after school programs, held worship events, and sought to partner with the Housing Authority of New Britain for the benefit of the residents.

And one day a year, we Celebrate Mount Pleasant!  Our desire is to bless the residents as we work alongside them to improve their housing complex, create a fun filled day of activities, and share the love of God with children and families.


Celebrate Mount Pleasant is a community workday that brings two communities together: the residents of Mount Pleasant and the Wellspring family. This year, we will:

  • Refresh and plant the garden beds that we helped build at Mount Pleasant. Working alongside the residents we will fill their beds with all sorts of vegetables and flowers.
  • Weed, prune and mulch the center island of the complex.
  • Provide flowers, and assist the residents planting them near their apartment entrances.
  • Design and paint a mural that will finish a row of murals we have painted each year.
  • Staff a prayer tent where we will be able to connect with and minister to the residents.
  • Provide a simple hot dog picnic for anyone interested.
  • And, we will host games and sports clinics throughout the day.

All of these activities bless Mount Pleasant, with our primary desire to bless the residents themselves as we work side-by-side and share the day together.

When and Where:

Saturday, June 8, 10 AM to 2 PM.

Mount Pleasant, Richard Street, New Britain

Sign Up:

Join us as we bring the kingdom of God to the Mount Pleasant community. We have focused on the kingdom this year. Now we want to follow that with being salt and light to the world around us, bringing the kingdom through God’s love and our hands. Please sign-up in the Café after church, or complete this form.

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