Announcement from Mike Mancini, Director of Next-Generations

Hello Wellspring,

Over the past year of being married, Katie and I have spent a significant amount of time praying and discerning what we want our lives to be about. The process has led us to three core values that we are intentionally building our lives around- relationship, peace, and disciple-making.

Over that time period, we have also started to fall in love with and receive vision for ministry in our neighborhood in the town of Bethel. Katie and I have decided that in order to pursue the life and local ministry we are being called into together that we both need to leave our current ministry positions (Katie is on staff at Walnut Hill Community Church in Bethel). This decision was not made lightly, or in haste. It is a step of obedience that we feel strongly we must take together and that has been confirmed by several trusted mentors and friends.

You may remember a few weeks ago when our youth shared on Sunday morning about the word they had collectively heard from God. The word began with a warning about a sudden change and encouraged our students that new life would come in the wake of this change if they would be knit together and welcome others to be knit alongside them.

I believe the change the Lord was referring to was my transition. I also believe that God has a plan to use my transition to bring about new life in the Next Gen. Ministry here at Wellspring. My greatest hope is that the students here would hold fast to Jesus and the word he has given them.

Pastor Kevin will be overseeing the transition plan for our youth and the next steps in finding the best way forward with the Next-generations ministry. I will be finishing at Wellspring on July 31st.

It has been a joy to serve among you for the last two years. In Wellspring I have seen a resilient and committed fellowship pursuing and cherishing the presence of God like few other communities that I have known. Thank you so much for your open hearts towards me and your support of my work over these last two years. Please keep the Youth, Youth leaders and my family in prayer as we seek the Lord and His plans for the future.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to me:


Mike Mancini
Director of Next-Generations

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