A Tribute to Pam Zinn

party-for-pam-zinnPam Zinn (wife of Pastor Wes), was honored on Sunday, August 25th for her service to the church as the Administrator at Wellspring. She is opening a coffee shop, an entrepreneurial move in her personal devotion to our Lord and the area community that He so loves.

She was wonderful to behold onstage near the speaker’s stand, surrounded by a representative group of longtime friends and servants to our Lord Jesus Christ. As a sort of “cousin” (once removed), I felt blessed at how genuinely gracious Pam was, as she simply received the love, honor and recognition of her peers among the children of God. That was powerful. I saw it as a “WOW” moment and felt the pleasure of the Father in it.

Now THAT was the message of the day and for the week from church, for me! (P.S. Wes, you picked a good one. Continued blessings to you!)

Dan Rouleau, Member of Wellspring

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