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Each year Wellspring elects elders.  Elders are officers of the church who serve three-year terms.  They are members of Wellspring, elected by you, the congregation, to represent the congregations, as they work with the pastors providing overall spiritual direction and leadership for the ministry.  As Wellspring is a congregation led church by our constitution, the pastors are accountable to the elders as representatives of the congregation.  Together the pastors and elders make up the Elder Board.

We have formed a nominating committee which has begun the important responsibility of identifying and presenting to the congregation nominations for elders. The nominations may include both current elders whose terms will expire at the end of the year, and would like to serve an additional term as well as new elders. In order to identify the nominees to bring to the congregation, the committee will work through a thorough process of gathering potential nominees, interviewing, assessing, and prayerfully selecting individuals that they feel confident to present to the congregation for a vote. We ask that Wellspring pray for the nominating committee, and for the Lord’s direction in the selection process.

Who is on the Nominating Committee?

The Elders have asked the following people to serve for 2019: Linda Briggs, Chris Minerly, Rick Mitera, Jenn Olszyk, and Pastor Liaison Wesley Zinn

How to Suggest Names for Consideration to Serve as Elders:

The Nominating Committee is talking with current elders who would like to serve an additional term, as well as seeking new people to consider.  We welcome suggestions that you may have for Elders.  The submission deadline is Friday, September 27.

Below is a form that you may use if you would like to suggest someone for us to consider. You also can pick up a a paper form at church – look for the Nominating Committee’s table in the café after services on September 15 and September 22.

Nominations will be presented to the Congregation in early January and voted on at the Annual Congregation Meeting on Sunday, January 26, 2020.

Before Completing the Form Please Review the Qualifications and Responsibilities of the Elders:

Elder qualifications (PDF)

Elder responsibilities (from the constitution Article VI.C )

Please click here to see our current Elder Board

For any additional questions about this process please contact the Nominating Committee at

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