Brian Mills will be our Guest Minister this Sunday, October 27


Wellspring is honored to welcome Brian Mills to our pulpit on Sunday, October 27th. So, some of you might ask—who is Brian Mills?

Let me answer that with an anecdote. In the year 2001, I had the privilege of accompanying Brian to one of the initial planning meetings for what was then being called the International Prayer Council. What was being envisioned at that meeting has now come into reality—it is a global network of leaders of regional and national prayer movements for the purpose of advancing the cause of Christ’s Kingdom and the fulfilling of his Great Commission through intentional, informed, intercessory prayer. But on that day, eighteen years ago, about 25 prayer leaders from around the world were gathering in New York to dream and plan this global network into being. Part of the process involved sharing the names of regional and national prayer leaders from places in the world that were not represented around the conference table on that day in New York. Countries in the Muslim world of the Middle East and the Buddhist world of southeastern Asia were written on a white board. The question was asked, “Who knows leaders of prayer movements in these nations?” For every name called out by that entire group of international leaders, Brian knew them and about two other names per country. How did he know them? He had been there in their nations and he had built relationships with them; he had eaten in their homes; he had done ministry with them in their home countries.

To call Brian Mills one of the leading fathers of the now functional and effective global prayer movement is simply to state the obvious. He has helped to pray it into existence and to call it forth through a lifetime of making friends around the world as he carries the peoples and the nations of the globe in his heart.

I first met Brian when he came to New England from his home land of “old” England in the mid-1990’s. Brian was leading a prayer journey through the six states of New England, holding meetings at churches and at key historical sites in our spiritual history. The prayer journey focused upon praying for revival in our region and nation. Our hearts were knit together at that time and I subsequently became a part of a small “family” of Christian leaders from various nations in the world. Our connect point was that we all looked to Brian as a spiritual father and we all were deeply immersed in praying and working for revival in our home countries and throughout the global church.

Brian was with us as a father to Wellspring when we dedicated our new building in 2005. Through Brian, we have become connected with Pastor Arnold Muwonge and the Kampala Children’s Centre in Uganda. I have ministered with Brian here in the states, in the U.K. and in Africa. Pastor Wes has also served with Brian in Africa, Europe and Asia. He is a grandfather in the faith these days and will be in the U.S. to visit family and many in his “ministry family” for the next several weeks. It is a real honor to have him minister to us again at Wellspring. I encourage you to make every effort to be with us on Sunday, October 27th—we will be hosting a senior statesman of the Kingdom of God to this world.


Pastor Rick

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