Nancy Arnold’s Healing Testimony at the Camp Meeting

The Lord is so amazing! I was unexpectedly healed of food allergies to gluten and dairy on October 3rd at our Breath of Heaven gathering. Norm was the speaker, and he was standing behind the communion table. He told us that there was an invitation for physical healing at the communion table that night. For an instant I felt excited, but then I felt disappointed and sad. You see, I can’t go to the communion table; I have food allergies. I cannot ingest gluten containing products.  This has been my life for the past seventeen years. I get really sick. So I do not partake in communion. But suddenly, though, as quickly as that thought entered my mind, I felt a stirring in my spirit. You know that feeling? I get it when the Lord is trying to get my attention. This stirring in my spirit, this quickening of my heart beat. It occurs when He wants me to pay attention to what is being said or when He wants me to speak something or to pray into something or to move. I know that something is happening, and I am not to miss it! So I knew that there was something for me in that moment. There was this real, tangible stirring. And I thought, ‘Okay, I’m going to Your table. I am partaking.” A decision was made. And then the doubts flooded me. I wasn’t sure if I should go. The enemy started whispering in my ear. He said, “Do you really think you should eat gluten? There’s no healing for you. He only does that for other people. Not for you. This is not going to last; it won’t be real. And anyways it’s going to be such a small amount of bread, that you can’t really say you were healed. And do you really want to test this right now? Remember what happened last time 2 months ago when you got glutened?” So I started negotiating with the Lord. I thought, ‘Well when the basket passes in front of me maybe I will decide at that moment if I will peel off a piece of bread. In fact, I might even hold on to the piece and not decide until later.’ However, I soon realized I wasn’t going to be able to do that; Norm informed the Wellspring staff that they would be serving their people. They were to serve, and we were called to come to His table. I was called to His table. The invitation was open. It was in that moment that I decided to put a demand on my faith. So I stepped into it. I stepped forward. I took the bread and the cup and went to the altar. I knelt down, and my heart was beating wildly. The Spirit was stirring and stirring and stirring me. So I knelt down, and I prayed. I leaned back into this moment, thinking that I did not want to miss a thing. Welcoming Heaven. Experiencing Heaven. Experiencing an encounter. I felt like this portal was opened above me, and my spirit was responding. It was quickening. It was awakening. It was reviving. So many things. There was just this power, and I wanted to remain in it. So I sat there with the cup in one hand, the bread in the other, just praying into it and receiving what the Lord had for me. My heart rate started to slow down. I thought, “Okay, this is the moment to take Your body and blood, Lord. I receive you and all You have for me.” So I took it. As I was taking it I heard Norm say that if you have a need for physical healing in your body right now stand up. And wouldn’t you know (of course there’s always more), I needed a physical healing in my neck. I had been experiencing neck pain since last June. This pain causes me incredible headaches. So I stood there facing the altar with my hands up, posturing myself in a position to receive. Two prayer warriors prayed for me that night. When they did, I felt this incredible Power; this Authority; this Protection; this sense of Heaven; sense of the Lord. I felt like I could fall over. I knew that there was something for me. So I just received and received and received. My neck was healed! I went home that night knowing I had been healed, knowing that something powerful had taken place. I was able to sleep on a regular pillow for the first time in over a year and not wake up in any pain. As for the food allergies issue, I had the opportunity to check for my healing at Wellspring’s Breath of Heaven luncheon 2 days later. You see, I could not check to see if my food allergies had been healed when I got home that night, because I did not have any of these food allergen containing foods in my household! On the way to this luncheon, I made a decision. I decided that I was going to step into my healing at this luncheon. And I wasn’t going to take just a bite. If I believed for my healing, if I believed that God was bigger than my food allergies, if I truly believed that something miraculous had taken place the other night, I was going to step into it! I was going all in! I told my husband on the way to Wellspring that if they had wraps I was going to have an entire wrap! At the luncheon, I got in line for the food. In front of me was quite the spread! It was a make your own fajita bar with chicken, flour tortilla wraps (gluten), cheddar cheese, sour cream and other fixins. I made the decision to go after the freedom He had given me. I took a wrap and filled her up! I went to my seat and thoroughly enjoyed every bite! And then I waited. I would know within 15 to 20 minutes that I had been healed. Twenty minutes passed by, and I felt great! It was then that I realized there was dessert at the table! So I went back to the table and grabbed two pieces of this chocolate cake, fudge brownie thing with caramel sauce and white chocolate pieces sprinkled on them! I was like a kid on Christmas morning who had just gotten a puppy! I felt completely free and so light! After the next session, I asked Wes if he had a minute to hear a really cool story. I told him what had happened. He asked me if I was ready to give my testimony, to which I replied that I just did. He said that he had the sense that there was more, that I needed to pray into this, to give the Lord thanks and praise. So I dropped everything and started to pray, thanking the Lord and praising Him for what He had done. While praying, the Lord convicted me of needing to repent of this food allergy stuff becoming my identity! So I did!! Another level of freedom and healing! He is SO good, THAT good!!! That night I ate cookies and cream ice cream. The feast continued throughout the week with pizza and breadsticks and other gluten and dairy containing products! And guess what? No symptoms or evidence of food allergies, sensitivities, or intolerances! I am completely healed! I never dreamed this would happen. It didn’t occur to me that it may. I had no expectations for anything that night. I should have though, because He is so good. He is that good! But I just wanted to be in His presence. I just wanted to encounter His love. I just wanted to be with other believers, praying and worshipping and receiving Him. I knew He would be there. I knew He would show up in some kind of powerful way. I knew the atmosphere would be full of Him. I knew that it was going to be wonderful. But never did I imagine this! In one night, at one meeting, at my church, my entire life changed. And for that I am eternally grateful…

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