Financial Update and Some Clarification

We have shared with you that our giving is running behind our expenses. We are often behind at this point of the year, but this year the deficit is significant. As of the end of October, we are nearly $70,000 behind actual expenses. We ask you to bring this matter before the Lord in prayer, and for each of us to prayerfully consider our own giving and commitments.

In addition to freezing our budget of all nonessential expenditures, the pastors, staff, and elders are prayerfully seeking the Lord’s wisdom and provision. We believe He is speaking to us, and we look forward to sharing His direction with the congregation on Sunday the 17th.

In the meantime, I would like to respond to one question that I’ve heard. Some have asked, in this time of serious financial need, it seems odd that both Kevin and Kerri, and Wes and Pam have taken international trips. So for clarification, let me say that both of these trips were their own vacations planned months ago. Although both trips could be viewed as ministry related, they have been at the Butterfield’s and the Zinn’s expense.

We always want to be transparent and clear with our finances (and all of our operation). As we face this important family matter of our year-end finances, I wanted to make sure to respond to this legitimate question.

Thank you for your faithfulness and prayers.


Pastor Rick

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