Upcoming Elijah House School of Prayer Ministry Course 201


Upcoming Elijah House School of Prayer Ministry Course 201

Here at Wellspring for the 2020 Season:


If you are wondering whether or not this class is for you…


“People don’t have to pretend to be fine when they are not.  They can be healed!  Jesus has provided a way for his people to become whole and healthy.  If you are a person who is burdened with seeking to minister healing to life’s hurts, leading hearts into holiness and wholeness, and restoring healthy relationships with God and others, this school is for you.”

I  would add that this course is not primarily for the students’ healing, but to learn how to minister inner healing to others.  Some healing will happen for the students, but there is neither time, nor would it be fair to other students, to expect that all of your problems will be addressed in the small group sessions of the school.  There are 25 Video lessons in all, as well as demonstrations of inner healing prayer sessions (on video). Practical experience is gained through small group ministry time. You will be healing as well as learning to minister healing prayer to others.

We will begin on January 11, 2020, and classes will be held Tuesday nights, and one Saturday a month through May 2, 2020.


The schedule is probably final, but subject to one or two changes.  Please consult the schedule to see if you are available to attend the classes.  The primary teachings of the school are on DVD….these can be made up by the student if he/she misses a class.  However, 9 small group sessions are required in order to successfully complete the training.  These cannot be easily made up.
The cost to each student is $250.  Checks must be made out to Rachel Kimmel… not to Wellspring Church.  Wellspring has no apparatus to handle the payments to Elijah House, etc.  I will be ordering your class workbooks.  You will be responsible for obtaining the required reading texts.
The following texts are required reading texts:
Books by John, Paula and Mark Sandford
Transforming the Inner Man
God’s Power to change
Growing Pains
Letting Go of Your Past
Deliverance and Inner Healing
Restoring the Christian Family


All applicants must have one character reference and one pastoral reference.  Each applicant must also sign the confidentiality agreement.  If any applicant is under the care of a therapist or psychologist/psychiatrist, you must have the counselor or therapist sign your application.  Spouses must also give their signature for those applicants who are married.
Please look over the attachments (see above).  They include the Student Application with reference forms and the confidentiality agreement, the Student Booklet, and a School Schedule.
If you are unable to make a copy of the application and related forms, please let me know and I will send you a paper copy of the needed forms.  Deadline for submission of application and payment is December 8, 2019.  If for some reason, your application cannot be accepted, I will return your check to you.  If you have any questions or have problems with the forms, please feel free to contact Rachel Kimmel, the Facilitator, via email at Rachel.Kimmel@att.net or by phone at 203-974-9571.
Debbie McKinniss, Director
Bethesda Healing Ministry
860-225-0661 ext 123
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