Three Ways We Can Welcome and Serve Our Guests

It’s exciting to see more and more guests attending our Sunday service. This is wonderful. However, all of us who call Wellspring our home can also make sure that we are being good hosts as well. Here are three things we can all do to welcome and serve our guests.

  • First, the parking lot is full and overflowing. If you are able, I encourage you to park at Mooreland Hill School, which is just a hundred yards beyond our parking lot. You may also park on Mooreland Road, but please do not park on Lincoln Street (it’s narrow). Give yourself an extra 10 minutes so that our guests will find it easy to visit us.
  • Second, it is very difficult to find seats in the sanctuary during the worship time while everyone is standing. I encourage you to move in from the aisles so that those coming after you will more easily find a seat.
  • And third, during the greeting time, please extend yourself beyond your friends and welcome those you do not know. They are guests in your church home.

I want to thank you in advance for your cooperation. Remember, these are not simply housekeeping items, but they are expressions of our ministry. The absence of a parking spot or a seat or a handshake is a cold experience. Conversely, a welcoming experience makes room for God’s life and love to be extended to all.

Now, Lord… increase!


Pastor Wes

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