Wellspring’s Constitution: Did You Know?

When the elders were seeking members for the Constitution Committee back in 2017, I volunteered to be a part of the committee. The task of reviewing the current Constitution and working on a revision may seem boring or irrelevant, but I was excited about the opportunity. While it may seem that Wellspring’s Constitution is an old dusty dinosaur, it is actually a very important and powerful agreement for how we will govern our life together as a congregation.

A Constitution Committee consisting of the current members of Don Jones, Janice Roberts, Pastor Rick and Pam Zinn have been meeting for the past two years, working on bringing a revised Constitution to the congregation for its approval. The last revision of the Constitution happened in 2009, and changes were needed to align the provisions for our current leadership structure and to better position us for the future.

At the Annual Congregational Meeting on January 26th, copies of the proposed revised Constitution were handed out at the end of the meeting along with a highlight sheet of the significant changes. An informal Question and Answer session will be held at 5:00pm on Sunday, February 23rd in the Café. Everyone is encouraged to pick up a copy of the proposed revised Constitution at the Welcome Center and come with your questions or feedback. This informal session will be the next step in bringing the proposed Constitution to the congregation for a formal vote.

Did you know?

• Wellspring’s Constitution states our leadership structure, responsibilities of our pastors and elders, and our officers.

• Wellspring’s Constitution includes the Statement of Our Faith, our Church Covenant and our Philosophy of Leadership.

• Wellspring’s Constitution outlines the procedure for the calling of our pastors and how grievances are to be addressed and resolved.

• Being a member counts! If you attended the Annual Congregational meeting, you know that members vote and have final approval of our annual budget, the election of our elders and any changes to our constitution. In addition, members vote to call our Senior Level Pastors. Members vote on matters concerning the church property if dissolution or a merger is being considered. Church membership comes with responsibilities but also with the privilege to vote on all these important matters stated in our Constitution.

So, we encourage you to pick up a copy of the proposed revised Constitution, read it for yourself and join us at the Question and Answer forum on February 23rd.


Pam Zinn

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