Encouraging Word from Carol Nicholls: Moving From Hope to Trust

I wanted to share with you some encouragement that the Lord has given to me about moving from Hope to Trust, which was the topic of the Women’s Christmas Tea.

Where are you on the journey from “hoping” everything is going to work out to actually “trusting” it will?

Not too long ago when I was journaling I didn’t seem to have any words to write. So, I asked Father if He had anything He would like to say to me.

This is His answer: “Life is a gift. It comes to you through Me. It is my gift to you. Relish it fully. Don’t get so caught up in the ‘doing’ of life that you lose the ‘living’. Don’t fear what doesn’t seem to be getting done. I see it and I am making sure that all things will work for ‘the good’. That is your good AND the good of others. I can see all along your life path. You can only see small parts and sometimes only a crossroad with no road signs. Truly trust me. You are going to be on the right path at the right time. I am with you. Jesus Himself gave you an example of ultimate trust. In the garden He was facing torture and death – but He was trusting what I had said to Him. Coming away from that time of prayer, He had total confidence that no matter what it brought, My will is perfect. Facing the accusations and lies spoken about Him, facing a kangaroo court, facing physical torture, staring death in the face, He remained at peace…no anger, no fear, no indecision…complete and TOTAL trust.”

We like to try to figure everything out in advance, and have a nice blueprint of how things will be. Then we fret and worry about all the details trying to make sure that each one happens on time. When anything seems off track, anxiety and worry increase. Somehow worrying is supposed to make our plans happen!

The challenge to each of us is to make a decision to take our hope to Him and turn it into total trust.  It is not easy, but believe that He will bring the right answer at the right time in the right way.


Carol Nicholls

Wellspring Member

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