Friendly Reminder: Please Park At Mooreland Hill School


It’s exciting to see more and more guests attending our Sunday service. This is a wonderful development for which we thank the Lord! As we witness this increase in attendance, those of us who call Wellspring home can take a simple step to make sure that we are being good hosts to our many visitors.

Our church parking lot has regularly been over capacity on Sunday mornings, and we know that some visitors are driving away when they cannot find a parking space. Also, we’ve seen a number of cars parked in fire lanes throughout the parking lot which represents a serious safety hazard for all of us.

Mooreland Hill School, 166 Lincoln St, has graciously opened their parking lot for our use on Sunday mornings.

So if you are able, please park at Mooreland Hill School, just 100 yards down the road from Wellspring — when you leave our parking lot, turn left!

You may also park on Mooreland Road. Please do not park on Lincoln Street (it’s narrow and potentially dangerous). Give yourself an extra 10 minutes so that our guests will find it easy to visit us.

Thank you in advance for your willingness to help. We earnestly believe that accommodating our visitors by ensuring they have a place to park right in our own lot, is an important expression of our ministry. A welcoming experience for a visitor helps to make room for God’s life and love to be extended to all.


Pastor Rick and The Parking Lot Team

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