Wellspring Goes To Online Services

Wellspring Goes Online

Wellspring is suspending all gatherings until further notice due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

1.  Wellspring will stream our Sunday Morning worship service at our regular time of 10am.

2.  Click here for more information about other ways to connect with the Wellspring community.

3.  Stay Connected on our mobile app: WellspringCT

Two Ways to Stream the 10am Sunday Morning Service:

1.  Wellspring’s website at www.wellspring.net – Click the “Watch Live” button (located at the top of the screen)

2.  WellspringCT Mobile App – Download the mobile app on your Mobile Device or CLICK HERE for detailed instructions.

– If you join in after 10:00 am, you will be joining mid-service.  After the service finishes, the video will still be available and you will be able to watch it from the beginning.

We encourage you to:

  • To gather together as a household or to gather together with a few friends around one screen.
  • Put distractions and other screens away.
  • Have a paper bible with you to reference.
  • Sing along out loud with the worship set. This may seem awkward at first, but we worship to an audience of one and He likes your voice!
  • When the service is over, feel free to discuss the sermon together.
  • Pray together for each other, for Wellspring and for our world as we continue to walk out these difficult times.

Let’s pray that social distancing will not become spiritual disconnecting.

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