Thank You Wellspring!

Live by faith. Known by love. A voice of hope. These three phrases could be used as a simple description of the church. We stand together in what we believe, our shared faith. We belong to each other in a family of faith. And we share a faith journey to become all that God has called us to be. Believe, belong, and become expresses the biblical call to faith, love, and hope.

e-news-3What we believe, how well we care for each other, and how confidently we pursue our hope in God can be tested any time some of our foundations are shaken. And in these past two months, nearly all of our foundations have been shaken. Yet in the midst of the shaking, faith, love, and hope resound within Wellspring.

On behalf of the pastors, staff, and elders we thank you. Wellspring remains strong in who we are and what we believe. Wellspring has stood together, locking arms with one another. And Wellspring’s voice proclaims the Lord’s hope over ourselves and our world in need. Together, we are Wellspring!

e-news-2One very practical expression of genuine faith and unity are the tithes and offerings that we continue to receive. Times are uncertain, people in our Wellspring family are on reduced hours or have even lost jobs. Even those who remain employed have reason to question the stability of their employment and our overall economy. So the commitment to give in spite of the uncertainty declares a hope in God and our decision to align with His generous heart.

You will recall that last fall we were significantly behind budget. One particular Sunday morning we made a collective YES to the Lord. We put our confidence in Him, and we responded to that declaration with a commitment to give. We finished the year with a surplus, praise God. And now we continue to see His faithfulness over this congregation and His ministry.

e-news-1Year to date through the end of April our giving has been $346,000. Our expenses have been $369,000. Although this is a deficit of $23,000, it is astonishing considering the unprecedented circumstances. For comparison, this time last year we were running a deficit of over $40,000. Praise God from whom all blessings flow! And thank you Wellspring for your committed and generous hearts.


In addition, we have received thousands of dollars for Wellspring’s Covid-19 Relief Fund. So far we have distributed:

$5000 to Pastor Arnold for Uganda families in need in his churches

$1444 to Sam Sunder Singh in India for students and families in his ministry

$3000+ in money and supplies to needs in New Britain both at Mt Pleasant and through Dana Smith’s ministry

$3362 to needs within the Wellspring family


$12,806 total

Thank you Wellspring. We will continue to trust the Lord as Jehovah-Jireh, the Lord who provides… for each of you and for the ministry of Wellspring. May the Lord bless you with all that you need at all times for all things (2 Corinthians 9:8).

In His love,

Pastor Wes, on behalf of the pastors, elders, and staff of Wellspring

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