“Together We Stand” – A Poem By Chris Ann Tufts

Chris Ann Tufts, Wellspring’s Children’s Ministry Administrative Assistant, wrote this poem in response to the current events.

There are so many words to say…
But emotions so often get in the way…
The words we say seem so empty because they have let you down time and time again…
When all you really needed is the love of a friend.
Love thy neighbor is God’s command,
Why can’t some people understand?
Everyone is equal in our Savior’s sight…
So why can’t we as humans get it right?
So much pain, it cuts so deep.
A promise has been made that we must keep.
We can’t erase yesterday as much as we wish we could.
We must turn to God, for He is so good.
He has shown us the Way, the Truth, and the Life.
In His Beloved Son, who also felt the strife-
Of a world that would abandon Him,
the Prince of Peace who knew no sin.
On our knees we must fall,
and seek forgiveness for not standing tall.
With our sisters and brothers who feel the hate..
We can do it now it’s not too late.
We start by listening to our friends’ pain…
our hearts will never be the same.
They’re cracked wide open and the tears flow free.
Something changes deep inside of me.
I will not let you stand alone, dear friend.
The love I have for you knows no end.
I walk with you hand in hand.
Together we shall stand..
Your pain is my pain,
I will not leave you to face this on your own…
In this battle you are not ALONE.
Together as a faith community,
We stand for equality.
I feel your pain in every single word,
Know that you are loved, that you are heard.
Pretense gone, blame and shame no more.
As we stand together, Love wins forevermore!

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