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During the recent shutdown for Covid-19, along with most other things here at Wellspring, the Bethesda Healing Ministry took a hiatus.  Now with re-opening, we are pleased to announce that many Bethesda prayer ministers are ready and waiting to serve you by again offering personal healing appointments.

Many of you have been doing very well during the shutdown.  But some of you may have seen some things surface in you that indicate there are some bitter fruits in your life.  Without the usual distractions of going to work, seeing friends, and shopping in stores, you may notice that you are more anxious than normal.  You may be fearful, having difficulty with relationships, or feeling intense loneliness and abandonment.  Maybe these last 3 months have left you feeling almost traumatized.

Our Bethesda ministers are trained to listen, to pray with you about where your bitter roots began, to help you break vows you might have made to protect your heart.  They can also help you discover what lies you have come to believe about yourself and the world around you, to help you repent of judgments you might have made, to forgive those who have hurt you, and to discover what truth Father God wants to bring to you.

Or you may be suffering from a physical ailment and want someone to pray for you for healing of a disease or injury.  We would love to pray for that with you.

To make an appointment with a prayer team, go to and fill out the “schedule an appointment” form, or call 860-225-0661 ext. 123.  We look forward to serving you.

Debbie McKinniss

Director, Bethesda Healing Ministries

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