Fireside Chat – Window On A Healing Conversation

This Thursday’s Fireside Chat on June 11 at 7pm will feature an example of a Healing Conversation shared by some members of our Wellspring family.

Started over a year ago, this Healing Conversation initiative has provided a safe and honoring “place” for folks within Wellspring to talk about their own unique journeys with the issues of racial and ethnic perspectives, pain, learning and healing.  These conversations have been effective in helping folks to share their hearts; and to learn how to listen to the hearts of their brothers and sisters on experiences and topics that are usually “too hot” to touch.  The goal has been listening and learning.  We have not talked about politics or policy.  Rather we have sought to build bridges.

Right now our nation is embroiled in a huge “discussion”/divide in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd.  The goal of sharing this Healing Conversation with the entire Wellspring family via the Fireside Chat is to give many more of us an opportunity to hear the hearts of our brothers and sisters and to experience what building a conversational bridge can look like.  I hope you can join us!

Pastor Rick

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