A Note From Pastor Rick: Black Lives Matter

It is not often that I am asked by members of our church to teach on specific issues in the news.  But I have been encouraged by several from Wellspring to share on this particular theme and the movement that has emerged around these three words: Black Lives Matter.

As I have pondered this, I have felt led to proceed.  But I do so with fear and reverence.  The pulpit is not a place for political commentary; nor is it a place for the preacher to share his or her opinions.  I know that folks who come to Wellspring value our emphasis upon the Scriptures as the foundation for our faith and living.  That is not going to change.

But the great Reformer and champion of the Word of God, Martin Luther, once said that if you attempt to preach the gospel while avoiding the one aspect of the gospel that is controversial in a given situation, or that is being contested at a given moment, you have not really preached the gospel.

So I am asking for your prayers, your ears and your hearts for this coming Sunday, August 2nd, as I seek to both look at a couple different aspects of Black Lives Matter, and then to share some perspective from the Word of God.


Pastor Rick

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