How to Watch Online Sunday Service

The best way to watch the livestream of our Sunday morning services is through our web page or our WellspringCT mobile app.  If you have had difficulties getting connected, please read these instructions for more details.

1. Website: Go to and click on “WATCH LIVE” at the top of the page. This will take you directly to the current livestream. You can join us live at 9 AM every Sunday.

2. Mobile App: Go to the WellspringCT mobile app and click on the service/stream button. If you do not have the WellspringCT app, you can find it in the App Store on your mobile device.

3.  What if I Missed the Livestream?  After the service is concluded the video will be available to watch on — click on the “WATCH LIVE” button.

4. Facebook and YouTube: Many people are going directly to Facebook and YouTube to find the livestream. This may not work for a variety of reasons. You are welcome to access the livestream this way if it works for you and your device, but if you have difficulties we encourage you to go through our website or mobile app as listed above.

We are glad that so many are staying connected with Wellspring through our livestream. If you are still having difficulties after following the instructions above, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  You can email us at or call the church at 860-225-0661. We want to help, and want to stay connected.

Safety in the Sanctuary: Just a reminder that per your request we have added a section in our sanctuary where people are required to wear masks during the entire service. We are glad to have you watch online, but we also are doing what we can to make the sanctuary safe and comfortable to attend in person. For more info on the “Mask Friendly” section of the sanctuary, please CLICK HERE to read this article.

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