10 Days of Prayer Testimonies

For 10 days (well, seven) we lived in the tent. Day and night, every hour, around-the-clock, Wellspring worshiped and prayed in the tent. We met the Lord, we cried to the Lord, we felt his presence and he saw ours…in the tent.

Now the tent is gone, but it is my desire that we live differently because of our tent experience. As I said last Sunday morning, I believe the Lord has awakened Wellspring. I believe he has awakened hope, and given us an ability to see him beyond the struggles and darkness all around us. He has also awakened us with a passion to keep pressing into the God of the impossible.

It would be easy, even natural, to feel that we have left the tent and now return to living in the multiple crises of our day. We cannot deny these crises, and neither do we want to deny the fresh and powerful stirring in our hearts from our tent experience. We want to live both in our world and from the tent (the presence, power, peace, hope of the Lord.)


We would love to encourage one another by sharing personal encounters, powerful words, precious moments we experienced in the tent.

If you would like to share your experience with us, send us an e-mail at office@wellspring.net. You can write up a description, or even better yet, send us a one or two minute video of your testimony.

See the video testimonies (above) that we’ve already recorded.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Pastor Wes

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