Covid Related Updates

This is where you can check on updates, incidences, and Other Covid Related Information at Wellspring.

Latest Update: December 4th – A member of our staff tested positive for Covid-19 on Wednesday December 2nd. 

CLICK HERE for more information on how Wellspring is responding to this.

You can check for the latest information here at any time.  For example, if we have another staff person test positive, we will share that information with you.

Wellspring will maintain our regular schedule unless there is an extreme situation.  That is, Wellspring will remain open, and we will continue to have in-person services (9am and 11am), and online service (9am).

We are empowering everyone to make their own decisions for how they will connect with Wellspring. It will be your choice (as it has been all along) to attend Wellspring in-person or online. This Covid update will give you additional information for you to make your own decisions.

Wellspring Is a Covid-Free Sanctuary

We will maintain our strong emphasis on our Covid-free sanctuary statement. We are grateful for all of your willingness to follow this protocol. We believe it has served us well, and the Lord has been protecting us.

These are our current guidelines for a COVID-FREE SANCTUARY (Updated 12/26/20):

Wellspring is a no-guilt- no-judgement sanctuary.
We refrain from all discussions of Covid-19 politics and policies.
If you feel ill or your health is compromised, please stay home and join with Wellspring online.
Before, during and after our public gatherings, we will follow current safety protocols, including wearing an appropriate face covering while in the building.

Psalm 91: Because we have made the Most High our habitation… no plague shall come near our dwelling.

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