The Gospel and Mental Health


We just concluded a timely teaching series here at Wellspring entitled, “The Gospel and Mental Health.”  Timely because we know we are in an ongoing mental health crisis as a result of the stresses of the pandemic and the shutdowns.  I have received lots of encouraging feedback from many of you about these teachings and resources.  So, we have brought all of them together on our website in order to make them readily available for you to revisit or to direct your friends and family there to take advantage of these resources.  Simply go to: The Gospel and Mental Health – Home Page

I did these teachings with the collaboration of Dr. Jessica Sanderson, a gifted counselor and Director of Initiatives at the Urban Alliance, a networking and resource ministry to the Body of Christ in Greater Hartford.  The additional resources that accompany the videos of the teachings were compiled by Dr. Sanderson and they are excellent.  Each one contains a lot of practical information as well as listing many other additional resources on each of the topics.

I also want to invite any of you to share any testimonies with us as to how some of these materials and teachings have helped you in your journey.  Your testimony can become an encouragement to others!  Simply send us an email to:

I pray each one of you encounters the shalom of the Lord during this Christmas season.  He is our peace and wholeness and hope!  It is precisely for times like these that he came to bring his saving help to our troubled world!  Merry Christmas!

Pastor Rick

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