Virtual Annual Congregational Meeting Via Zoom Video on January 31, 2021 at 6:30 PM



Our congregation has previously had an annual meeting during a global pandemic—back in 1918 when the world was in the grips of the Spanish flu. But it does present some challenges! Fortunately, we have some technology in 2021 that those good folks at the Elim Swedish Baptist Church did not have a hundred years ago.

This year’s annual congregational meeting will take place on Sunday evening, January 31st at 6:30 PM.  It will be a virtual meeting held via Zoom Video.

We recently emailed Wellspring members an invitation to the meeting with the Zoom link.  If you did not receive the email invite please contact

Those of you without capability to join us online may want to arrange to join someone else in order to participate, or for those who would like to attend in person, you can join us in the sanctuary.

We have two important matters of business to attend to in this meeting:

The first has to do with our finances. We will need to formally receive the Treasurer’s Report for 2020 and then consider and vote on the annual budget for 2021.

The second major piece of business we have before us is to vote on amendments to our church constitution that were introduced at our last congregational meeting. This is a significant piece of business that we need to finish up.

Some background on the constitutional revisions:

Don Jones led a small committee that included Patty Gigliotti, Pam Zinn, Janice Roberts and Pastor Rick who worked for over a year doing a thorough review of our church constitution. The primary goal of the review was to bring our governing document into line with some operational changes that had evolved over the years since the last revisions were made. We also caught some oversights and “blind spots” in the current constitution and addressed those situations. When the committee’s work was done, the elders reviewed the revisions and recommended the changes to the congregation for a vote. The amendments were introduced at our last annual meeting and a subsequent open forum was held to discuss the rationale behind the changes. In order to revise and amend our constitution, this kind of open review is required.  Provision was then made for a vote to approve at a subsequent formal congregational meeting. We were all set for that second formal meeting and vote early last spring, but we were not able to meet because of the shutdown for Covid.  Now we need to complete this process and have a congregational vote on these revisions and amendments.

Please read the revised constitution, and list of changes (see the document links at the top).  Mark your calendar and plan to join us for the Zoom meeting on the last Sunday of January at 6:30 PM.

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