A Note from Pastor Rick: Let Us Continue To Pray

Turbulent times continue. Let us continue to pray.

This is my appeal to the Wellspring family as we find ourselves in the final days of one administration and on the eve of inaugurating a new President. Let us continue to pray.

I have been receiving emails and messages from many of you alerting me to prophetic warnings you have received personally that are calling us to pray. Others have made appeals, calling us to stand in the gap for this cause or against this potential scenario. Let us continue to pray.

One does not need to be prophetic to discern that the potential for more violence and bloodshed is high. Someone sent me a news story that the FBI has credible intelligence of planned protests or violent demonstrations in Washington and at state capitols across the nation, synched up with the plans for the inauguration. Let us continue to pray.

Threats of violence against people of high profile have been received simply because of their stated political beliefs. There have been public calls in major media outlets for people to be fired from their jobs or never hired to new ones because of their stated political beliefs. Let us continue to pray.

I have had several conversations with members of Wellspring who have had their faith questioned or who have even been called “evil” by other members of the congregation because of their stated political beliefs or because of something they have posted on social media. This is Christ’s Body attacking itself. Let us continue to pray.

How do we pray? What do we pray for? If we are of divided allegiances, won’t our prayers cancel each other’s prayers out? Not if we pray out of our highest and purest allegiance to the Lordship of Jesus and for the priority of his Kingdom over all lesser allegiances. Let us continue to pray as Jesus has taught us, “Your Kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” Let us continue to pray.

We can pray: “Lord have your way!” “Great are your purposes; mighty are your deeds! Let your will come forth.” “Lord, bring forth your highest and best for this nation and all who call it home.” “Lord, we ask you to reveal everything that is hidden that needs to come to light. And we ask you for truth, peace and justice to reign over these turbulent times.” “Lord grant our elected leaders wisdom and grace for this hour.” “Lord, help our law enforcement officers with your help and protection as they protect the public.” “Lord, may our rights as American citizens be protected and preserved under a rule of law.”

Let us continue to pray!

Pastor Rick

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