Missio Youth Group Update from John Rosario


Going into the New Year, we wanted to seek after what the Lord had in store for Wellspring Youth.  As much of the world’s foundations were being shaken, we wanted our youth to be ready to offer the hope that is only found in Jesus alone.

The greatest way of showing this hope is by reflecting it. And if we are called to be reflections of Christ, then we want to truly know who Christ is. Our focus became exploring the life of Christ. We began studying the Gospel of Mark, getting to know Jesus more intimately, what he stood for, how he interacted with people of many different walks of life, and of course, to fully unpack His teachings and sermons. What we have experienced so far has been eye-opening! As we worked our way through the first chapter of Mark, exploring the details has challenged us and brought clarity to the Scriptures.

We are especially excited with a new format.  We practice being still (Psalms 46:10). At the conclusion of each Wednesday night, we spend the final 15 minutes in reflection. We allow the youth the opportunity to write down prayers, reflect on the teaching that night, or write prophetically in a personal notebook. We want to encourage the youth to spend more time with the Lord, giving Him the opportunity to respond, as we know that we serve a God that answers when we knock.

We are building confidence in their faith, believing and understanding that Jesus is in fact THE way, THE truth, and THE life, rather than just an option on the buffet table of belief systems. We want to develop a shareable faith in each of them, moving toward the step of evangelizing and confidently sharing the Gospel message with those they live life alongside on a daily basis.

Please keep MISSIO in your prayers as we continue to grow! I love what God is doing in our midst, and believe the preparation and pursuits he currently has us on will bear much fruit! I am proud of each and every student, and their faithfulness to youth group, but more importantly to the calling God has put on them. We look forward to all that lies ahead of us, and sharing it as it transpires!

Until then, Grace and Peace to you all!

John Rosario, Interim Youth Leader

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