The Resurrection


Before raising Lazarus from the dead, Jesus declared to Lazarus’ sister Martha, “I am the resurrection and the life …”

When we think of Easter, or Resurrection Sunday, we of course think of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. We can recount the whole passion story with the dramatic culmination of the empty tomb and the risen Lord. Sometime after laying him in the tomb Friday evening and when the women found the tomb empty on Sunday morning, Jesus was resurrected. He was raised from the dead.  It was an event…an event that ushered in the salvation of the world.

However just a few days prior, Jesus said that he was the resurrection, not simply that he would be resurrected. The scriptures clearly state that Jesus is the first born of the resurrection, going before us and making a way for all to follow through his resurrection doorway. So what does he mean when he says that he is the resurrection?

The person of Jesus as the resurrection, and the event of his victory from the grave do not stand in conflict but actually combine together to be the resurrection. Through his own resurrection Jesus defeated sin and death. Therefore he is the first born, making the doorway for all to follow. However, he does not simply point us to an open doorway. He also states, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” Jesus is the way…the resurrection. We do not simply follow his direction, but we follow him. It is through him that we have life. He is the doorway. We believe in him as the son of God. We believe in him as the doorway. We believe that through him we are forgiven and enter into the resurrection.

Jesus is the resurrection, and through him we follow into resurrection glory. His victory has become our victory.

This weekend as we celebrate the resurrection of the Messiah, our savior, let’s remember to celebrate more than the event. We celebrate Jesus as the way. We celebrate the life he has brought to us. We celebrate the resurrection himself, Jesus our Lord. Jesus our savior. Jesus our waymaker. Jesus the resurrection.

We hope you can join us for our Maundy Thursday service at 7:00 PM and on Sunday morning at 9 or 11 AM. All services will be livestreamed as well. Let’s declare together, “He has risen. He has risen indeed!”

Pastor Wes

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