Vision Sets Direction Which Leads to Action


In my message on Sunday April 11th, I described how we are led in our faith by the Holy Spirit and vision. We may not see with our natural eyesight, but we follow the Holy Spirit. Jesus told his disciples that he would leave them, but in his place would come the Holy Spirit whom Jesus called the Counselor, or Advocate, or Helper.

We are not left to ourselves to try to navigate through this world with only our faith as a guide and compass. Our Lord is actively with us, whether he’s speaking to us through the scriptures, through others, directly in prayer, in dreams, or even as we hear his “still small voice” (1 Kings 19:12). We are also led by vision…a clear picture or instruction that sets our course and focus.

Vision sets direction which leads to action. This past Sunday we saw that the Holy Spirit used visions to open the doorway for the Good News of Jesus to reach to all humankind. We believe the Lord has also given Wellspring a vision, a unique calling.

Our vision is to be a catalyst for spiritual renewal and revival in our local communities, Connecticut and beyond.

Then on Sunday April 18th, we began to explore this vision statement. It was first adopted in 1993, and two years ago the Lord drew our focus back to it. He spoke to pastors Rick, Kevin and me during a prayer time, saying “back to the future.” We are to go back to this vision statement for Wellspring. We need to let it set our direction and subsequent action. It will be the pathway the Holy Spirit will use to lead Wellspring into our future.

A vision statement by itself really does not accomplish anything. We are not trotting out a banner to hang on our walls. Our conviction is that the Lord is calling us back into our calling. He has anointed us for a specific purpose and role in the Body of Christ. We begin by embracing this vision. Our desire is that the Lord’s vision for Wellspring will set our direction and lead to action…and those actions will be catalytic toward spiritual renew and revival in our local communities, Connecticut and beyond.

The Wellspring Elders and Pastors look forward to sharing more with you in the coming weeks.

Pastor Wes

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